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Hello boys and girls, how are you doing today? Hope you doing great. Anyway, do you enjoy playing Pokemon Go on your smartphones? If you like it, then we have a great news for you because from now on you don’t need to go outside to play it. Pokemon Go Mac Download is a computer version of the game where you can hunt all the wild Pokemons. This edition lets you sit on your Mac and enjoy the game in your house, contrary to Pokemon go on smartphones, where you have to hunt them outside. You can say Pokemon Go Mac Download is a version of the game for lazy people and for players that are anti-social and don’t go outside very often. If you are interested in that kind of gameplay, you can get a free copy of the game only on our website.

Pokemon Go is the most anticipated game of all time. If you watched anime or read manga, you probably know what the game is all about but there are users that maybe are too young to remember. First, your journey starts with choosing your team, there are 3 of them: red-valor, blue-mistic, yellow-instinct. After you join one of them you can catch wild pokemons. By capturing them your level increases. You can do whatever you want with your pokemons if you don’t like it you can sell it but if you do you can level him up and when time comes, evolve him. But catching wild poke isn’t the only feature in this game. You can also fight with other trainers and of course defend or defeat gym leaders. Let’s not forget about mysterious eggs because they can give really rare and nice pokemons that are pretty hard to encounter.

That would be it for today. Thank you all for visiting our website. Hope you like Pokemon Go Mac Download as well. Happy hunting guys.

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Pokemon Go Mac Download


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